The Amarantole formula has been designed to be an instant drink; the only thing you need to do is to mix the Amarantole powder with cold or hot water. It is made primarily from whole grain amaranth flour which naturally gives our product all its nutritional properties. It also contains low – calorie sweetener to make it possible to be consumed by people with
diabetes. To give our product consistency and firmness we use vegetable oil based cream. Our products’ protein characteristics are enriched with soy flour. We use corn starch to give our products texture. To improve bowel transit (probiotics) we use agave inulin. A mix of vitamins is used to make sure our products have balanced nutrition. You can buy Amarantole in different flavors: cocoa, cinnamon, strawberry, pecan, and vanilla.

Because of its formula, Amarantole can be consumed by anybody who is one year old and up. The exception is people who are sensitive or allergic to soy, since soy is used as part of the Amarontole formula. Our product does not contain any other food allergens and can be consumed by people with diabetes and lactose and gluten intolerance.

Benefits that Amarantole provides depend on the age of the consumer:

  • When it is consumed by children from 1 to 12 years old, it helps to stimulate their growth and neuronal activities due to the presence of amino acid lysine, characteristic in amaranth. It also helps to boost the immune system because of its Vitamin C content.
  • When it is consumed by teenagers and adults (from 15 to 50 years old) the dietary amaranth fiber and probiotics of the agave inulin help with the bowel movement. It helps the adults and teenagers stay concentrated on their activities because it contains iron which maintains the oxygen at its optimal levels.
  • When it is consumed by senior citizens (60 years and up) the calcium in Amaranto helps prevent bone loss and the phosphorus helps the intake of nutrients from other foods.
  • If consumed by pregnant or breastfeeding women, it helps boost breast milk supply and maintain the energy levels required for the correct nutrition of the fetus and during breastfeeding. It also contains folic acid.
  • If consumed by athletes, it helps maintain muscle mass due to the high-quality protein content of Amarantole. It also helps with muscular damage or surgery recovery due to amino acids that help with tissue reconstruction. It provides energy for athletes to complete their routines.

No. Even though Amarantole is based on cereal grains and flour, it does not mean that regular consumption will cause someone to be overweight. On the contrary, the calories
you get per serving is an ideal amount to go along with the first meal you have every day in order to carry out well all the morning activities. It is also good to have Amarantole at night for a light dinner.

To make Amarantole we use reduced calorie sugar that is made up of cane sugar, maltodextrin, dextrose, and stevia. It does contain glucose in its formula.
The consumption of Amarantole gives a lot more benefits than carbohydrates, and it is more beneficial for people with medical condition such as diabetes. They need to strengthen their immune system and consume enough proteins that keep their glucose-damaged tissues and membranes in the best shape possible and keep the level of stress down. Thanks to special properties of amaranth, all this can be achieved by simply keeping a well-balanced diet. We recommend consulting your family doctor for the evaluation of your medical condition because each customer suffering diabetes presents different types of symptoms.

For the benefit of the vegetarians and the vegans, all the ingredients of AMARANTOLE are of vegetable origin. None of supplies or any of the component ingredients come from an animal source. You can be assured that that product you are going to consume is 100 % of vegetable origin.

We use 0.1 % of sodium benzoate to make sure our product preserves its sensory as well as its sanitary qualities for at least 12 months. This time period is only a precautionary measure since all our production and development processes are HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) certified. But still it is important to guarantee product safety with these extra additives (sodium benzoate). We guarantee that it is completely safe and does not cause any health-related problems.

Ideally, the formula of Amarantole is elaborated to be prepared with water to preserve its nutritional balance and low cost. However, some people are used to drinking milk on a regular basis so in that case AMARANTOLE can be prepared using milk instead of water. By doing so they will not only benefit from the nutritional properties of AMARANTOLE but also from that of milk, and add a special milky and creamy taste to the beverage.

You can either drink it hot or cold, all depending on your preferences. You can enjoy it as a delicious malteada (milkshake) in the morning (mixed in a blender with some ice) or as a hot beverage at night at the dinner table.