Our company was born in March of 2003, a time when Mexico was ranked among the countries with the highest numbers of overweight people, with 1 out of every 3 Mexicans being overweight. Who is to blame? High-calorie processed foods and ever increasing sedentary lifestyles. Our mission was simple and at the same time difficult to achieve – to offer nutritious products that would be a healthy eating alternative for our clients.


Thanks to the technical expertise and know-how of our team, we were able to develop a delicious powder drink which would fulfill the most basic nutritional needs. At the same time, we decided to take advantage of something never done before – to industrialize the wonder that are amaranth seeds. The purpose was twofold – to create a nutritive drink and to create jobs for Mexican farmers using a plant that has such a long history in our country.


And, after 15 years of a lot of hard work and dedication (remember 15 years ago it was not easy to Google just about anything) we were able to create AMARANTOLE. At that time we didn’t have a lot of knowledge about commercialization, logistics, marketing etc. What we did have was the desire to provide Mexico with a drink that would satisfy their nutrition needs.


It hasn’t been easy, but the passion that we have for our work helps us give our best every day and it drives us to learn, grow, and get better each day in order to contribute towards the eradication of malnutrition and to prove the rest of the world that things made in Mexico are made well. We still have many goals to reach, but we are certain that we are on the right track and very soon our company will be an example to follow.


Why do we do it?

We do it because we want to optimize the available resources to offer nutritious products and to provide job opportunities to contribute to the economic development of the country.


How do we envision ourselves in the future?

Because we are a profitable and self-sufficient company known for its quality products and services, we see positioning ourselves in national and international markets with alternative food products.


How are we different?

Our number one value is honesty, because we want to have people working for us who are just, upright people who abide by solid moral principles. And everything that we do is characterized by sincerity, transparency and humanitarianism.


We place high value on human dignity; expect everybody to be treated kindly and courteously, thus creating a secure workplace for our team and our clients.


We respect other people ́s time which is why we fulfill our promises to our clients on a timely manner as if their time were ours.


We display a positive attitude when facing different circumstances when dealing with everyday things. We like order and fulfilling each one of the commitments we’ve made, we pay special attention to execute ideas in a coordinated way leading to a harmonic and balanced environment.