que es amarantole

For more than 14 years we’ve been producing a delicious amaranth drink powder. It is an ideal drink for a balanced breakfast or a light dinner. It’s ready to drink and be enjoyed just by adding water!

We ́ve improved our formula to make it more nutritious for you and your family.
AMARANTOLE contains:

  • High quality vegetable proteins (with all the essential amino acids)
  • Natural fibers (probiotics that promote the growth of beneficial intestinal flora)
  • 128 calories per serving (that’s less than in a drinkable yogurt)
  • It’s fortified with vitamins and minerals (all that your body needs to function properly)
  • Stevia artificial sweetener (for people with diabetes) Lactose and gluten free (for people intolerant to these two allergens)

¡Try our 4 flavors: chocolate, strawberry, pecan, and vanilla!. It’s available in 3 different packaging designs:

  • 45 g package to prepare 250 ml of drink,
  • 120 g package to prepare one liter of drink
  • 1 kg package to prepare 7 liters of drink.

Compare our prices with those of the competitors and you will see that your wallet and your body will be happy that you are consuming a healthy product at the right price. Consume AMARANTOLE on a regular basis and you will see the difference!